Bigg Boss TV show kick-started today in Telugu. The third season kick-started with Nagarjuna as the TV host. With a total of 15 contestants, the show is going to take place for 100 days.

The show started with Nagarjuna reminding the rules, touring the Bigg Boss house. Later, he started inviting the contestants in the house. Bigg Boss assigned a task to Nagarjuna to pick three contestants first out of fifteen.

Nagarjuna picked three chits. They are Siva Jyothi, Ravi Krishna and Ashu Reddy. Later, Bigg Boss has given a task to these three contestants to analyse the other contestants coming into the house.

The fourth one to enter the house is TV9 anchor Jaffer and the fifth one is the movie actress Himaja.

The fifth contestant who came to the house is TV Serial actress Rohini who is popular in playing the comedy roles. Popular singer Rahul Sipligunj and choreographer Baba Bhaskar are the other housemates who got a grand welcome in the house.

Heroine Punarnavi Bhupalam who is not very active in Telugu cinema these days also came to the house. Then came the most popular film actress Hema. Another serial actor Ali Reza and film comedian Mahesh Vitta too came to the house.

Popular anchor Sreemukhi is the major highlight in the show and her entry is also very grand.

The final contestants to come to the house is the celebrity couple Varun Sandesh & Vithika Sheru!

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