NAGPUR: Forgetting keys, wallet or simply a mobile phone in the car too often, arriving in the room and then missing the reason, finding it difficult to do simple daily routine tasks can be associated with ageing after late fifties of life. But, if such signs are constantly observed, they could be the early warning signs of dementia.
Neuro-physicians and psychiatrics from city have observed rise in reporting of the Alzheimer’s’ dementia in recent years in Central India.
“Dementia is commonly seen in elderly people and sometimes in young adults too. Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is most common irreversible cause of dementia. This is neurological disease in which brain cells degenerate and cannot produce chemicals require for normal memory functions. Climate change, pollution, lifestyle hazards are adding into the causes of this disease these days,” said neuro-physician Dr Vasant Dangara.
According to him, it is necessary for the patients to understand the early signs of AD. About 5% of people above 65 years of age, about 20% of those over 80 years, and about 30% of those over 90 suffer from AD.
Neuro-physiatrist Dr Syed Saquib said that people are more aware about the AD these days. “More and more people are accepting that AD is a controllable. They are coming forward for treatment which is a good sign. Like any other disease, early detection is the key in AD too. Doctors can diagnose it by conducting simple tests, but neurologists are best for the treatment of AD once it diagnosed,” he said.
Dr Saquib also had some suggestions for family-members of the people having AD. “Family support is most important while dealing with AD. Caregivers can meet doctors and get trained in handling the AD patients. Awareness about it in youngsters is more important,” he said.
Statistically, people who have a parent or sibling affected by AD are two to three times more likely to develop the disease than those with no family history. If more than one close relative has been affected by the disease, the risk increases even more. Such people need to be more careful.
Alzheimer’s and Related Disorders Society of India (ARDSI) is a national organization engaged in the care, support, training and research of dementia since 1992. The ARDSI has already declared that it has proposed a new chapter in Nagpur catering entire Central India soon.

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