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Alzheimer’s disease is the most common form of dementia and older adults are more likely to get affected by it . World Alzhiemer’s Day is observed on September 21. In Alzheimer’s disease, the brain shrinks as gaps develop in the temporal lobe and hippocampus, which are responsible for storing and retrieving new information. Due to nerve cell decay, Alzheimer’s affect people’s ability to remember, speak, think and make decisions. Some of the early symptoms include memory loss, difficulty in performing familiar tasks, problems with language, time and place disorientation, problems with keeping track of things, changes in mood and behaviour, loss of initiative among others.

Small changes in lifestyle can help in prevention of Alzheimer’s Day. On World Alzheimer’s Day, here are some of the lifestyle changes you should make and keep clear from the disease.

  1. Take up reading: Reading keeps the mind active and alert. Read anything per your liking.
  2. Writing for pleasure: Writing is therapeutic and cathartic. Grab a pen and paper and put your random musings. It can be anything from how your day was or what you like – thoughts about life, any topic of interest.   
  3. Playing musical instruments: It’s never too late to start a hobby and to be learning a music instrument or simply playing it is highly therapeutic. It heals.   
  4. Taking part in adult education courses: Group classeswith like-minded people would really help in keeping one active and exuberant about life.
  5. Playing games or sports activities: From light board games to playing outdoor sports, involving self in mind and body games will prove highly beneficial in keeping Alzheimer’s at bay. Playing lawn or table tennis, badminton or any other sport would prove highly helpful. 
  6. Swimming: Swimming is an amazing sport that helps in mind-body co-ordination, keeping the body cool.
  7. Breathing exercise: Yoga, pranayama – deep breathing exercises, chanting mantras daily help in prevention of Alzheimers’ disease.
  8. Walking: Each day, dedicate at least 30 minutes to walking in a park.
  9. Recreational activities: Engage yourself in art and craft, cooking, gardening or any other recreational activity you like.
  10. Diet changes: Experts say that making curcumin and coconut oil a part of daily diet is beneficial to prevent Alzhiemer’s disease.

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