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ISRO’s roadmap for 2019

After Chandrayaan 2, ISRO’s Human Space Flight Centre will be gearing up for its astronaut training efforts for its first-ever manned mission named Gaganyaan.

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What’s ISRO working on next?

There are a string of interesting projects on ISRO’s to-do list in the near-future. Chandrayaan-2 and the Gaganyaan manned mission are two of the better-known big missions. The agency is also working on a total of seven interplanetary missions over the coming decade. Here are ISRO’S Interplanetary Missions in the near future.

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What’s the mission timeline of Chandrayaan-2?

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Chandrayaan-2 is the first space mission to conduct a soft landing on the Moon’s South Polar region

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Why is Chandrayaan-2 mission headed to the Moon’s South Pole?

With the Chandrayaan-2 mission, ISRO is aiming to take India & the global scientific community where no human or mission has been before – the Moon’s South Pole. There’s more than one reason for this strategic choice.

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Chandrayaan-2’s journey to the Moon’s South Pole is unique in more ways that one

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Here’s why the GSLV MKIII – ISRO’s heaviest & most capable launch vehicle – was chosen for the mission

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Chandrayaan-2 is going closer to the South Pole than any Moon mission before it

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Pragyan’s role in the mission will begin once Chandrayaan-2 lands on Moon’s surface

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Ever wondered how much the Chandryaan-2 mission cost?

Well, it’s cheaper than some of the recent Hollywood movies!

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Welcome to all the live action on Chandrayaan-2!

#Chandrayaan2theMoon will kick off at 02.51 am on 15 July, which is later tonight. But don’t miss out on any fun that happens before the launch. Stay tuned for all updates on the mission and everything else you should know. 

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